Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages your Conservative Association with the goal of holding the seat for the Conservative Party of Canada.  We receive our mandate from the membership, and are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting to achieve the objectives of the Association.

Executive Committee

  • Michael Cooper, Member of Parliament
  • Tim Gartner, President
  • Tim Schultz, Vice President / Past President
  • Dave Garrett, Vice President
  • Shelley Tupper, Secretary
  • Maxwell Harrison, Financial Agent
  • Richard Plain, Policy Chair
  • Jesse Furber, Membership Chair
  • Vacant, Fundraising Chair
  • Ben Brodhead, Communications Chair
  • Greg Schell: Election Readiness Chair

Board Members

  • Elizabeth Bell
  • Winnie Bogosoff
  • Barry Breadner
  • Evan Breda
  • Randy Duguay
  • Schuyler Gartner
  • Daniel Jankovic
  • Adam Knisely
  • Adam Laglace
  • Connor Lawless
  • Dylan Lindsey
  • Kent Lindsay
  • Leo McCarthy
  • Malcolm Parker
  • Michael Paruby
  • Hannes Rudolph
  • Ed Schlemko
  • Mike Sneath
  • Merv Swityk